Vortex Water Aeration

Bringing toroidal forces of nature in the garden makes plants grow better. Vortex water aeration provides oxygen, purification and nutrient mixing without bubblers.

Why a vortex?

Water vortex energy is represented in many areas of nature as the multidimensional golden spiral. The energy of the vortex is a life force that improves the quality of water.  It is the culmination of toroidal forces that influence all of the universe, from the cells of the body, to the rivers, to the largest black holes in the universe.  By harnessing that force through water, we have the opportunity to benefit from the product of that energy.

Implosion, cavitation and super-oxygenation – The energy generating force of the vortex is manifest by the colliding forces in water.

These forces of nature impact the water and the elements with by improving the mixing, aeration and electromagnetic current of water. The result is what some refer to as “living water.” The toroid forces make water essentially recycle everything in the water into an oxygenated,  dissolved and charged solution for plants and fish to easily absorb into the cells and achieve greater nourishmeent.

Bottle Vortex Aerator™

The Bucket Vortex Aerator™ makes use of remarkable energy created from the vortex. This is a simple design that gives user ability to control the vortex by controlling inflow water volume, jet angle and water discharge rate. Bioponica offers the parts and pieces to create your own DIY water vortex as seen. Click here do to purchase Vortex Aerator. Available with and without bottle, bucket and Fertilizer Tea Machine.