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Offshore Farming with Bioponica

The Biofarm is any array of soilless grow systems combined with on-site organic liquid fertilizer production from recycled biomass. On the farm, at the home or by the sea. 

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Growing plants in deep water

Bioponica Farming Systems

Our mission is about closing the loop on sustainable farming. Our methods and systems may be acquired here.

Biogarden - a versatile system designed for organic soilless farming.

Nutricycler - a method and product for making liquid fertilizer from inexpensive biomass. 

Primordial Soup Blends - dry blends developed from biomasses that are biostimulated with microbes, enzymes and mixtures of carbon rich and nitrogen rich organic elements for liquid fertilizer extraction.  


Making liquid fertilizer

Making Organic Liquid Fertilizer from Inexpensive Biomass

Every small farming operation should have onsite liquid fertilizer production from biomass by 'nutricycling.'

With your local biomasses or Bioponica blended dry formulas, growing organic food and hemp is less costly, better quality and nourishes the soil.

Good for the grower. Good for the consumer. Good for the environment.

aquaponics deep water trays

Biogarden Accessories

Customized grow trays with net cups for deep water culture. No aeration required when using Biogarden deep water technique.

Why farm with petrochemicals and mined salt minerals when everything your plants need to grow is organic, abundantly available and free?


The Biogarden is a modular system with tank and beds available in sizes from 3' up to 40' in length.

Supports organic hydroponics, aquaponics and bioponic methods of growing.

Technique oriented for deep water culture, NFT nutrient film technique and flood and drain aggregate beds.

Available in sizes from small homeowner of 3' to indoor vertical growing and commercial aquaponics sized 40' -100' organic hydroponics growing beds.


The Nutricycler is a combination kit that extracts nutrients from dry biomass and biofilters the solution into a plant ready liquid. Making liquid fertilizer is easy, when utilizing biology to digest and biofilter into a plant ready solution.

Use for in-ground or soilless grow systems inlcuding hydroponics, aquaponics and bioponics.

For small to large garden and farming projects -  5 gallon to 50 gallon to 240 gallon to 2500 gallon nutricycling operations.

Sets up in minutes and produces fertilizer around the clock, 24/7

Primordial Soup Nutrients

Primordial Soup blends are mixtures of biomass organic ingredients that provide a liquid fertilizer when converted using the Nutricycler systems.

GreenUp Primordial Soup is high in nitrogen and macrominerals.

FlowerUp contains high phosphorus, calcium and minerals

MineralUp is a high mineral blend that produces and acidic liquid high in macrominerals and trace elements.

Liquid fertilizer from Primordial Soup Blends yields NPK ratio of 1.5-5-5 and a total PPM of 6000-8000.  Typical dilution 1:10 - 1:20

The Biogarden

The self contained Biogarden is an all-weather, vertical hydroponic growing system that is adaptable to a variety of growing configurations. Tanks below each vertical level of grow beds give the grower an opportunity to segment the operation for all varieties of growing. In one greenhouse, a series of Biogarden systems may be used for growing plants with different nutrient needs, for raising fish or not, for deep water raft culture, aggregate beds or for pure aquaculture.

Primordial Soup Nutrient Blends

Over the last 5 years, Bioponica has put in a lot of work studying the nutrient content and extraction potential of various biomasses for making liquid fertilizers. We started with grasses, coffee grounds, kudzu, food discards and brewery grains. We then created blends of dried biomasses that provide different ratios of N, P and K. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium support plant growth phases of greening-vegetative, flowering-budding and tissue strength and plant fruiting. Our blends contain mixtures that when extracted by microbes, either through nutricycling or through soil nourishment yields inorganic elements that are readily taken up by plant roots and nourish plants through different phases of growth.


The Nutricycler

The Nutricycler is made up of any configuration of elements that allow for the extraction and biofiltration of liquids made from biomass. The necessary parts per our design to make liquid fertilizer through the process we call 'nutricycling' are anaerobic digestion tanks (or buckets), vortex aeration and mixing buckets and biofiltration media. Nutricycling is a relatively simple process and adaptable to a variety of settings, from the small backyard or rooftop hydroponics system to aquaponics systems to large scale soil or soilless growing environments.

Making liquid fertilizer

Accessories for optimal growing

With the Biogarden, Nutricycler or Primordial Soup Dry Blend there are a number of accessories to keep your organic hydroponics and fertilizer making project optimized. Here you will find grow trays for deep water culture, drip lines for aggregate beds, pumps, plumbing, net pots, tanks for extracting nutrients from biomass, biofilter bags, vortex aerators and more.

aquaponics deep water trays

DIY Biogarden

Many individuals who are in the space of aquaponics and organic hydroponics and in soil and plant fertility have special interests and skills. We are now offering the components, instead of only the full Biogarden kits, to DIY do it yourself-ers who like the idea and materials we source or manufacture, but who wish to build their own. So if you have 18" pipes but want end plates or else you want frames to use with wooden structures or if you wish to make a 40' trough with a 10' tank below, you can source all the materials here to "do it yourself!"


The Biofarm of Oakland Oregon

In 2017, Bioponica completed the installation of it's first commercial aquaponics growing facility. The Biofarm of Oakland, operates year round to demonstrate growing plants and producing liquid fertilizer. The site is used for educational workshops. Here we conduct research on production, yield and techniques for sustainable methods of soilless agriculture.

Biofarm Up and Running!

The Biofarm in Oregon is an commercial growing facility featuring 1150 SQ Ft of grow beds, 3000 gallons/month of organic liquid fertilizer production. The site is fully automated with recirculating aquaponics tanks, aggregate grow beds and deep water lettuce and microgreen beds.

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