Biogarden 20/20 Dual Beds One Level, 20ft Tanks


This Biogarden 20/20 is a 20’ long, one level soilless growing system stacked vertically. The upper grow bed receives full light when outdoors, and the lower level is a dual tank set with a 400 gallon capacity. When growing indoors, lighting can be secured above the upper grow bed. For outdoor gardening, this Biogarden module is ideal for growing heavy feeding plants that like sun. Typical sun loving, heavy feeding plants include tomatoes, peppers, basil, eggplant, kale, strawberries, hemp and medical marijuana.

General Info: The Biogarden is a multifunctional soilless growing system developed at Bioponica. All modules have the capacity to support soilless farming with deep water raft culture, NFT nutrient film technique and ebb and flow media beds. ‘Biogarden’ allows growers to engage in ‘bioponics’ a ‘biological’ technique pioneered at Bioponica.

It is possible to grow using deep water culture method or to use an aggregate soilless media. The bioponics process is often referred to as ‘organic hydroponics’ or ‘aquaponics’ but purists recognize the distinction from traditional hydroponics and aquaponics. As we have defined it, there are no chemicals allowed in bioponics and fish are supported but not required as a source of nutrients.

With the Biogarden, nutrients may supplied through ‘nutricycling,’ an extraction process that growers can do on-site at a fraction of the cost of manufactured fertilizers. Bioponica offers the Nutricycler and NPK Brewery plus its organic Primordial Soup dry tea blends for making liquid fertilizers on site. Alternately, traditional hydroponics and aquaponics growers may use these systems with chemical fertilizers or raise fish in the Biogarden tank as the source of nutrients.

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