Growing plants in deep water

Bioponica Farming Systems

Source for all good things soilless and organic. Process equipment, growing beds and accessories for making fertilizer, growing plants in soilless beds and components. For closing the loop on sustainable farming..


Making liquid fertilizer

Making liquid fertilizer from Primordial Soup Blends

The process of making organic liquid fertilizer is easy and inexpensive. Starting with dry blends of biomass, anaerobic tanks for extraction and finish off with nutricycling.

aquaponics deep water trays

Biogarden Accessories

Customized grow trays with net cups for deep water culture. No aeration required when using Biogarden deep water technique.

Grow Systems Features

The Biogarden is a modular system with tank and beds available in sizes from 3' up to 40' in length.

  • It supports hydroponics, aquaponics and bioponics growing.
  • May be used for growing plants using deep water culture or flood and drain aggregate beds.
  • Available in sizes from small homeowner of 3' to commercial sized 40' modules.
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Organic "Biomass" Nutrients

Bioponica's Primordial Soup blends are mixtures of biomass organic ingredients that provide a liquid fertilizer when converted using the Nutricycler systems.

  • GreenUp Primordial Soup is high in nitrogen and macrominerals.
  • FlowerUp contains high phosphorus, calcium and minerals
  • MineralUp is a high mineral blend that produces and acidic liquid high in macrominerals and trace elements.

Making Liquid Fertilizer

The Nutricycler is a combination kit that extracts nutrients from dry biomass and biofilters the solution into a plant ready liquid.

  • Use for soilless grow systems inlcuding hydroponics, aquaponics and bioponics.
  • Available for small 5 gallon, 50 gallon and 240 gallon extraction setups.
  • Includes a 2 or 5 gallon vortex plus one or more 1CF biofiltration bags.

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