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In a era of limited agriculture resources, there must be alternatives to inefficient farming methods, chemical fertilizer and impractical food distribution. 

Sustainable Farming Processes

Soilless Growing Versatility

Growing food with minimal labor is one way to increase access and self sufficiency for consumers.

The Biogarden is a self contained plant and fish growing module that runs on a timer and requires minimal effort. No weeds, no soil and no labor involved with irrigation. Without the work involved in conventional methods of growing.

Our soil-less growing technology has been made versatile with respect to techniques employed, water aeration and the use of biomass extracts. This makes the Biogarden a more efficient operating method with higher quality quality product.

Fertilizer Making

As mineral fertilizers are mined from the earth and as ammonia and nitrogen are manufactured from petroleum, it is clear the future of agriculture as we know it will end.

Now is the time look forward and make use of the abundant forms of nutrient rich waste going to landfills.

The Nutricycler was developed by Bioponica to make use of biomass resources that are abundant in N, P and K fertility.

Our low tech method of anaerobic digestion and aerobic biofiltration it is possible to convert a wide range of biomass materials to create sustainable alternatives to manufactured chemical fertilizers

Vortex Water Treatment

The condition of water is greatly affected by the input of energy as evident by the forces of a river which have a purifying effect on stagnant and oxygen deprived water.

When applying vortex energy to soil-less grow system and to liquid fertilizer making the quality is enhanced.

Vortex water energy improves aeration and mixing through the properties of implosion, cavitation and oxygenation. This is why we've designed vortex systems for use with all of our growing and fertilizer making processes.

Recent Projects


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About Us

Kenneth Lovell P.E.

Kenneth Lovell P.E.

Ken has been a serious farmer for more than 40 years. This is longer than his expansive career in the waste-water industry where he was a lead engineer in design and operation of large capacity anaerobic digesters. The talent he brings to Bioponica is structural, analytical and practical.

david epstein d.o.

David Epstein, D.O.

Passionate about organic food and sustainable living, Dr Dave is a functional medicine physician specializing in nutrition as it relates to mood and behavior disorders. His innovative problem solving character has guided Bioponica towards its mission of closed loop science and self sufficiency in agriculture.

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