I Fed My Dog Duckweed and She Loved It!

Posted on : August 1, 2015
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While I buy grain free, top shelf dog feed Kido loves her vegetables. And since I don’t always make enough at dinner for her and it makes everyone happy that she also loves duckweed!

I have to cook vegetables for her to eat, but not so with duckweed. It’s low in fiber and easy to digest.

For flavor, I’m adding a bit of coconut oil and brewers yeast

The nutrient level of duckweed is quite high (details on our website). With a protein level that can exceed 23% it is an excellent blend of amino acids plus starch.

Whats remarkable is that it takes no effort to grow. Can be grown on non-aerated water as long as it has nutrients and not too much algae. If you want to grow int in a biogarden, the duckweed is self harvesting.

Human consumption of duckweed is just around the corner, mark my words. With a little sterilization particularly when growing outdoors, it is a self replicating plant that can be raised on all varieties of liquified plant derived nutrients.

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