DIY Hydroponics with Homemade Plant Food in the Biogarden

Posted on : July 31, 2015
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In this video we’ve converted the Biogarden deep water culture beds and media filled beds into a shelf with container pots burlap lined containing similar media plus added coco coir with a porous stone and worm castings.

Feeding entire system with organic teas as complete fertilizers. Nutrients were extracted from kitchen discards and grass clippings and running them through the NPK Nutricycler.

This is Bioponica’s approach to diy hydroponics and diy aquaponics growers who want to become self sufficient with nutrients.

Making fertilizer converting grass clippings into organic liquid fertilizer is similar to compost tea but has more nutrients.

We also use urine as fertilizer too, running that through the nutricycler or peecycler to oxidize ammonia and make nitrate which is more plant ready. A combination of urine and ‘nutri-cycled’ organics is good because this gives us organics which feed the bulk of rhizobacteria in the beds.

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