The Biogarden is the Swiss Army Knife of Sustainable Farming

Biogarden variety of sizes and shapes for home use, education and commercial farming

The Biogarden is available in a multitude of sizes ranging from 4′ feet in length to 20′. It is sold in a single width or double and can be easily managed on one, two, three or four vertical levels of growing.

The different sizes make it practical for growers preferences including indoor growing amateurs and k-12 classrooms, for backyard aquaponics enthusiasts and small university research departments. Commercial growers will enjoy high yield and low effort with the larger models which can achieve a 400% square foot space utilization.

Bioponica customizes the Biogarden for larger growing operations depending on the type of plant raised, the preferred growing technique and the different weather and sunlight conditions.

Supports All Soilless Growing Techniques, Fertilizer Making and Aquaculture

  • Growing Heavy Feeding Plants – Tomatoes, peppers and medical marijuana? No problem!
  • Growing Wheat Grass and Animal Fodder – Feeding livestock and people with grow high value nutritious superfoods.
  • Vertical Farming – Optimizing square foot space utilization by growing up.
  • Supports all techniques of soilless farming, at once – Deep Water Culture, Flood and Drain, Ebb and Flow and NFT Nutrient Film Technique
  • Ideal for growing duckweed, a high protein, high starch, low fiber self reproducing animal feed with great potential for humans too!
  • Minimal labor, high yield, low energy, water conserving, organic farming
  • Also good for farming earth worms, making organic liquid fertilizers and aquaculture of fin fish, fish fry and crustaceans

Nutrients and Fish

DIY Liquid Fertilizer

With bioponics, growers utilize locally sourced biomass to create liquid organic fertilizer. Fish can also be raised in the Biogarden. Yet, fish are optional. That’s because we also use a novel technique for creating liquid fertilizer on-site.

All types of green biomass can be stored and fermented, like a silo, extracting nutrients from organic plant matter. Sources of ource of fertilizer and fish feed include grass clippings, spent brewery grains, coffee grounds or even human urine. All these plus many other sources makes and excellent fertilizer for Biogarden lettuce, tomato and wheat grass.

As a customer of the Biogarden, we’ll teach you our process!

Supports All Soilless Growing Techniques

  • Techniques – Flood and drain, DWC deep water culture, NFT nutrient film technique and ALT air layer technique.
  • Methods – Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Bioponics
  • All Weather – Indoor gardening/Outdoor gardening
  • Special Features – Trickle Valve, Bucket Vortex Aeration, ALT Trays,
  • Vertical – from 1 level to 4 levels for space optimization and sun exposure
  • Supports range of plants and fish – algae, duckweed, finfish, crustaceans and nearly all plant varieties and sizes
  • Ideal for side by side research – compare conditions with control
  • Utilizes organic nutrients – including inline bioponic biomass fermentation teas
  • Easy to assemble, reassemble and move.
  • HDPE food safe material – recycled/recycle-able

The Biogarden is available in a range of sizes and lengths with between one and four growing levels with one or two tanks below.  The design, plumbing and “air layer” growing technique helps growers to have an organic product without the typical costs associated with manufactured fertilizers and mechanical aeration.

The Biogarden is the most efficient system for producing fish and or plants ever developed. With this 4 level 20′ module, growers can farm plants with low light needs such as lettuce, wheat grass and microgreens. For folks living in Washington state, it may soon be possible to grow hemp micorgreens in the Biogarden. The raw juice of the hemp plant is beyond “superfood” status. The cannabinoids present in hemp are preventative and curative. As with other microgreens, the beneficial elements are often more concentrated in the 2-3 week old plants at the time of harvest. Juicing the hemp plant is a great way to stay healthy without getting high.

Rugged Design

The Biogarden materials are US made, from recycled, carbon black HDPE. The beds, tanks and frames withstand almost all weather conditions making them ideal for indoor as well as outdoor growing, with or without greenhouse.

Biogarden Commercial Aquaponics Systems for Sale:

Duckweed Farmers

Duckweed Farming

The Biogarden troughs and tanks are ideal for growing duckweed. This protein rich feed has an amino acid profile that looks similar to soy, but is green and can be eaten fresh, daily. Because duckweed reproduces every 24-36 hours, growers will have a stead supply to feed chickens, fish and livestock. It may be dried and stored for up to 5 years.

Shrimp Aquaculture

Aquaponics Fish Optional

Fodder Farming

Livestock Grass Fodder Farming

The Biogarden is a vertically stacked deep water growing system that gives growers an opportunity to grow a fodder for livestock. Grasses such as wheat, at its early stage in life is abundant in nutrients, chlorophyll and enzymes that improve the health of farm animals. On average, fodder farmers can expect to produce 3 lbs of wheat grass per square foot per month. So if you’re using the 20′ 4 level Biogarden (240 sq ft) , you may estimate production at 750 lbs per month. That’s not counting roots, which are also high in nutrition. Yield of fresh roots is also great, doubling total output to 500 lbs per month of nutritious biomass animal feed.

Algae and Spirulina Aquaculture

Lettuce Farming

Medical Marijuana Farming

Wheat Grass and Microgreens Farming

Organic Hydroponics

Sustainable Farming Features

  • Less overhead – Eliminates need for manufactured fertilizers
  • Greater Yield – Vertical growing maximizes per square foot output
  • Less energy –  Pump lift and vertical flow direction and Air Layer Technique reduces power needs
  • Less Labor – Intensive planting, no dirt, easy harvest, storage and packaging methods
  • No Waste –  All discards are recycled. In fact waste is consumed.
  • 100% Organic – Certifiably organic as of day one of farm s

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