The Biofarm in a Nutshell

The Biofarm is a collection of systems and processes that are customized to meet the needs of small organic farmers everywhere.

Our intention in designing and build the Biofarm was to close the loop on elements of sustainability. The more successful, the more independent, successful and important the farm will be to the owner, community and the local environment.

The combination of Biogarden grow systems, NPK Brewery fertilizer and features for onsite food processing and cafe/juice bar sales improves sustainability over most small organic farms on may levels.  The unique “pop-up” farm may be easily transported and placed on any flat surface, urban or rural to support all the needs one has to grow and sell organic food products.

The Biofarm shipping is partially pre-fabricated and partially built on site, by the customer or contractor. It is customized to fit the user needs with modules for growing a variety of plants and processing equipment to add value and shelf life to farmed goods and retail facilities to earn high revenue through direct retail sales.

The Biofarm Container Options

The Biofarm is a modular complex with modular grow systems and modular container cars that can be added as the organic, hydroponic, sustainable small farm business grows. The sustainable business is comprised of 4-8 commercial aquaponics Biogarden systems. One or more container cars cars are used for adding value and improving efficiency of the growing operation.

Bioponica will support in site planning and the integration of the various elements of sustainability including rainwater harvesting, passive solar water heat, shade cloth atmospheric control, greenhouses, PV panels, plus onsite liquid organic fertilizer from biomass and an earthworm farm.

Growers may use a purely bioponic sustainable farming approach or may choose to focus on hydroponic farming or commercial aquaponics.

On-site café, juice bar and retail store

  • Shipping container pre-fabricated with plumbing, electric, insulation, windows, doors, flooring and HVAC.
  • Café and juice bar serving organic juices, salads, canned and frozen goods
  • Stainless kitchen customized for cleaning, juicing, cooking, canning, freezing
  • Small office and retail store
  • Outdoor cafe with tables and canopy

Container Home and Office

  • Shipping container pre-fabricated with plumbing, electric, insulation, windows, doors, flooring and HVAC.
  • Bedroom with private bath, kitchen, office, meeting room, utility closet

Container Prep Kitchen with Commercial Juicing and Popsicle Making

  • Shipping container pre-fabricated with plumbing, electric, insulation, windows, doors, flooring and HVAC.
  • Juicing and blending wheat grass, herbs, vegetables and fruit
  • Frozen juice bar facility –  stainless kitchen, pasteurization and popsicle making at rate of 200/hr
  • Packaging, cold storage, general storage
  • Small office area

The NPK Brewery

    • Shipping container pre-fabricated with plumbing, electric, insulation, windows, doors, flooring and HVAC.
    • Making liquid fertilize by extracting kitchen discards, grass clippings and other freely available biomass
    • Processing fertilizer through aeration, biofiltration, clarification and blending
    • Creates range of concentrated organic NPK fertilizer and fish feeds plus microbial teas and soil and enhancements

    Biofarm Features

    Biogarden Grow Systems

      • Vertical growing with tank on lower level plus two grow bed levels above
      • Grow beds versatile use with media-aggregate or deep water culture techniques
      • Tanks for use with nutrient storage or fish rearing
      • Recirculating water to beds and tank with minimal evaporation
      • Waist high growing, automated flood and drain, options for atmosphere control at each bed.
      • Power efficiency with low amp pumps and ALT aeration techniques.

    NPK Brewery

    • A series of Nutricycler processing units for extracting liquid fertilizer from biomass
    • Combines Bioponica design of vortex and biofilter for aeration and bioprocessing
    • Organic process; no chemicals used
    • Produces concentrated liquid fertilizers plus microbial compost tea and worm casting teas
    • Yields 1000-10,000 gallons/month of high NPK value fertilizer
    • Allows for use with dehydrated blends of biomass such as Bioponica Biomass Organic Matter (BOM) blends.
    • Option for expanded capacity to extract large volumes of fresh green biomass

    Sustainability Benefits

    Owner/Operator Benefits

    • Improved operational efficiencies and revenue to small farm business with onsite farming, processing and sales.
    • Self-sufficiency – minimal off-site utilities or manufactured inputs
    • Less physical labor due to vertical soilless techniques
    • Value added bi-products from onsite processing increase profits
    • Income from bi-products of Bioponica waste to fertilizer process facility
    • Grower name recognition opportunity with produce and restaurant cafe
    • Less produce shrinkage and longer shelf life through canning and preserving

    Community Benefits

    • Negative waste – local environment kitchen and lawn provides fertilizer source
    • Rainwater surge reduction, water recirculation, biomass water extraction
    • Resource for organic fish, produce, seedlings, liquid fertilizer, worm castings
    • Less commuting sourcing fertilizer and getting product through distribution
    • Greater nourishment in the community
    • Green jobs and education in sustainable farm operation

    Consumer Benefits

    • Nutritious food source – improve mental and physical health
    • Organic free of GMO and chemicals
    • Potentially lower cost with same day harvest and on-site sale

    NPK Brewery

    A series of Nutricycler™ fertilizer extraction and processing modules plus Vermicycler™ for large capacity recycling green discards and converting to assorted blends of liquid fertilizers, compost teas and worm castings. Produces batches of 500 gallons of concentrated npk fertilizers every 2-4 days.

    The Biofarmacy™. A customized CO2 marijuana extraction facility

    The Biofarmacy™ is a facility that support processing and extraction of plants including aromatic and herbal such as lavender, peppermint and medical marijuana. A shippable container module designed to support isolation of CBD, THC and terpenes utilizing state of the art supercritical CO2 equipment.