Bioponica Sustainable Farming Training School Concept

The Sustainable Farm Training School is a concept developed by Bioponica for the purpose of demonstrating and educating students on sustainable farming training techniques. The medium sized greenhouse project includes a series of grow beds that make up the hands-on science lab. Ideal client for this concept include non-profit education centers, for profit vocational school and horticulture research facilities.

These include Biogarden modules for

  1. aquaponics
  2. bioponics
  3. organic hydroponics
  4. vermiculture
  5. aquaculture
  6. pond culture

Additional site features include:

  • 26 x 80′ square foot greenhouse
  • rainwater harvesting and storage
  • solar panels

Additional site features include:

  • classroom – kitchen
  • chemistry and biology lab with microscopes
  • food processing kitchen
  • passive solar water heater
  • solar water sterilization

Additional site features include:

  • 20 multi-use Biogarden modules
  • 4 vortex fertilizer tea brewers
  • rafts and plumbing for various soilless growing techniques
  • vortex aeration bottles