Container Home Business

Boxcar Farm with Container Kitchen, Cafe and Juice Bar

Café Salads, Juices and Fish Plates

The container kitchen was designed to support the preparation of food for sales in a café or to can, pickle and process foods for retail sales. Should the Boxcar Farm owner/operator wish to contract or supply the onsite restaurant lessee with fish and produce then an adjustment to the revenue stream and or expansion of the operation can be easily facilitated. The site was designed to support a doubling of the grow area.

Bibb Lettuce  While lettuces are commonly grown in hydroponic and aquaponic systems for wholesale sales, the profit margin is narrow and best left to industrial production operations where distribution is solid and delivery commitments are manageable. For small scale farming, best revenue for lettuce is at retail in local markets or as a finished salad plate. The price for a bunch of organic lettuce in the US is estimated to be $1.95-$2.45 USD or $4.00 per lb.

Salads at an estimated at 75 gms per servings is equal to a half or third of a bunch. Tomatoes, basil, peppers, strawberries, kale, grown in the Biogarden may be included as a compliment. A salad may be expected to sell for $7.00.

Fish Plate The Bioponica process does not depend fish to fertilize plants, so there is less need for intensive fish farming. However, it is easy to raise tilapia in the Biogarden. Each 20’ unit will yield approximately 200lbs per year.  Tilapia feed on the same nutrients we feed our plants, plus earthworms and duckweed. A grilled organic whole fish with steamed rice and vegies will easily sell for $9.00-11.00.

Sustainable Development Prototype

Boxcar Farms may be outfitted with equipment and materials to clean and prepare food and serve in on-site cafe or retail sales:

  • Container kitchen with electric appliances, sinks, stainless tables
  • Office and retail includes tables, computer, shelving, lighting and HVAC appliances
  • Space for storage and basic processing.
growing wheat grass juice

Wheat Grass Juice – this superfood grows abundantly in the Biogarden.  It grows indoor and outdoors year round in most climates with partial to full sun exposure. The nutritional value of the juice is high and provides nourishment and phyto-compounds for improved health and wellbeing.  It is processed with simple juicing appliances in the café or on an industrial scale within the processing facility. A reasonable price for a two ounce shot of organic wheat grass juice is $3.00.

Additional café revenue may be earned by adding complimentary servings of other organic vegetables, soups and beverages.