The well has been drilled and roads paved. Bioponica’s sustainable farming project well under way. The Biogarden greenhouse is next!

Our first commercial installation project is under way in a rural town south of Eugene, Oregon! The Biofarm™’ is an integration of sustainable farming features that conserve water, provides resources for farmers to become self-reliant with respect to plan fertility and fish feed and improve profitabililty by lowering overhead and adding value to organic produce.

In August, the Biofarm project started with the drilling of a well.  Our client Oliver, stands next to the former property owner as we drill for water. Three other wells on the property are not producing. Most do not get much water in this area, so of course we were hoping for enough to support the community. While it turned up with enough to support the farm, we had hoped for more.

Bioponica’s engineer, Ken Lovell, PE, coordinates the project from Atlanta, with an excellent engineer firm in Roseburg and contractors for hauling, grading and cement.

Existing greenhouse

greenhouse renovation

This greenhouse has not been used for 10 years. It’s about to get a facelift. When all is done and said there will be 12 Biogarden’s with total square foot growing area of 1050′ SF.

Greenhouse plans

organic hydroponics farm

The controlled environment agriculture space will be upgraded evaporative cooling, new covering and shade cloth plus installation 8, 20′ Biogarden’s and 4, 40′ Biogardens. Nutrient and tank nutrients will be stored below the 20′ beds or outside in underground 1200 gallon tanks for the 40′ beds. There will be a combination of aggregate beds and deep water raft culture.

Straw house at the end of the road

Straw bale home site

Just beyond the greenhouse will be Oliver’s straw bale home.  Selected for its energy efficiency, low cost and locally sourced building materials, the 900 square foot house will be a warm, cozy and perfectly suited for area; Douglas County Oregon is the grass and hay capital of the US!