Sustainable Business

The BioFarm is a sustainable farm business and homestead

Integrated BioFarm™ supports an array of Bioponica systems. The unique “pop-up” farm may be easily transported and placed on any flat surface, urban or rural to support all the needs one has to grow and sell organic food products.

The BioFarm is a shipping container that arrives directly to the client location. It is customized to fit the user needs with modules for growing a variety of plants and processing equipment to add value and shelf life to farmed goods and retail facilities to earn high revenue through direct retail sales.

When farmers sell produce at wholesale prices and in bulk, the profits are given away to the brokers, distributors, processors and retailers who sell the finished product at 5-10x the price of the produce. When the produce is given value through on-site processing, the farm becomes more profitable and acquires a brand and reputation that gives security and stability that defines a sustainable agriculture business for urban farmers.

A plan view of the BioFarm with a third container housing a popsicle processing facility. This is a sustainable agriculture business model because it capitalizes on the fact that fresh produce can be processed on-site into a nutritious product with added value and long shelf life.

Sustainable Development Prototype

This configuration includes the addition of a fully outfitted processing container includes equipment for sanitary production of organic juices and frozen popsicles. This approach greatly increases revenue of farmed products and adds value plus culinary arts skills and training for jobs and healthy nutrition.

  • Extraction
  • Mixing
  • Pasteurization
  • Mold freezing
  • Packaging
  • Deep Freeze Storage

Sustainable Farm Business

Frozen Juicebar’s™

Costs of goods is based on use of 0.5 oz wheatgrass juice per 3.5 oz Juicebar™. Additional ingredients include organic, unsweetened fruit juices plus stevia herbal sweetener. Juicebar™ sticks and packaging are also included. Power for refrigeration, freezing, machinery and HVAC is included in General Expenses.

Farm Product Sales

Revenue is based on wholesale sales of Juicebars™ at $1.80 each, 60% of retail. Retail for an organic Juicebar™ is estimated $3.00 and is comparable to other specialty popsicle makers. Ideal wholesale markets for these products include schools, existing juice bars and health food stores.