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Milk Thistle Microgreens

Today we’re sprouting milk thistle seeds in order to produce milk thistle microgreens, a functional food that significantly improves liver detox capacity. Not much reported in the literature about microgreens of milk thistle, though I did find this article. The potential of milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.), an Israeli native, as a source of edible […]

Peecycling Urine Fertilizer

Bioponica has found that the use of urine as a plant fertilizer in soilless systems, aka peeponics, is highly effective, as proven by the performance of tomato plants raised in a Biogarden in 2014, entirely from human urine fertilizer. Most gardeners are familiar with the use of fish urine fertilizer with aquaponics. The logic is […]

Sustainable Farming Definition and Terms.

‘This article cites excellent sources in providing a sustainable farming definition. National Agricultural Library Cataloging Record: Gold, Mary V. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE), Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture: Ways to Enhance Profits, Protect the Environment and Improve Quality of Life.” (SARE, 1997). Available at SARE Website: http://www.sare.org/publications/exploring.htm (8/23/07)] “Sustainable agriculture: A whole-systems approach to […]

Farming’s Biggest Expense…Shipping

Vertical rooftop farms are vertically placed on tops of buildings but that’s not why they are successful as “vertical farms”. The fact that they can add value to their end product creates greater profit potential. How they do it is through sales to local CSA groups and to restaurants located in the immediate vicinity. Vertical […]

Improving Competitive Edge for Small Farmers

The challenge for small farmers to compete with big box grocers is similar to the challenges that small grocers have. If Wall Mart and other discount food sellers are in your area it could be a challenge. The low cost of produce from subsidized US farms and from low cost sources in Mexico and overseas […]