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What is aquaponics?

Some believe the Aztec were first to engage in agricultural use of aquaponics, raising plants on floating islands in fish ponds. Others refer to ancient Egypt. Either way, it is clear that aquaponics have ancient roots. What is aquaponics? Aquaponics is the simultaneous cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a symbiotic environment where the […]

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics As a farming tool, many believe hydroponics started in the ancient city of Babylon with its famous hanging gardens, which are listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and was probably one of the first successful attempts to grow plants hydroponically. Hydroponic gardening probably first became a modem reality around […]

Silos for preserving plant nutrients

    Where did all the silo’s go? Silos used to dot the countryside of America. That was back in the day, when farmers appreciated the value of green manures as a of fodder for livestock. Animals get a tremendous amount of nutrients from green grasses and plant trimmings. This is particularly true when anaerobic […]

Growing Duckweed

Growing Duckweed for fish and livestock, and also as a means of removing ammonia and other nutrients from waste water. Summarized from article published in  Livestock Research for Rural Development Duckweed – a potential high-protein feed resource for domestic animals and fish by Leng, Stambolie and Bell. Fish feed Duckweed has proven to be an […]

Hydroponics water chemistry

Here is a simple starting point for students and growers interested in aquaponics and hydroponics water chemistry. ACID-BASE: pH is a term used to rather universally to express the intensity of the acid or alkaline conditions of water or soil. In chemistry, pH is a measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. […]

Growing Broccoli Sprouts

              In addition to the benefits of vitamins and minerals found in whole foods there are phytocompounds in various plants that give therapeutic properties. Most studies on plant nutrient values make reference to sprouts. Sprouts are easy to grow and they are nutritious. So are microgreens, but they are not […]

Making Compost Tea and Fertilizer Tea

Fertilizer teas have more nutrients than compost teas We’re doing something different to make plant fertilizers at Bioponica. It is similar to making compost tea but it’s different.  We’re making liquid fertilizer teas. Compost teas are good for putting plant friendly microbes into solution and multiplying them through aeration and adding simple sugars. Bacteria comsumes the […]

Thirsty Cow

Many are asking how to restrict growers and cattle ranchers from too much water. We don’t need legislation to improve the water condition for the entire US. As consumers, we can improve our own behaviors. I like beef and pork too, but these industries are one big heaping mess. And it’s making us all very […]