The Biogarden; Rugged, durable with option to go vertical. Economical organic growing process plus excellent space use means high yield and great profits per sq ft.

The Biogarden functions as a hydroponics farming system. It is also a commercial aquaponics system that allows for fish, though fish are optional. Better described it is a ‘bioponics’ growing system that accommodates growers favorite techniques.

Use this soilless growing system with deep water culture, flood and drain, NFT nutrient film technique, or ebb adn flow.

The Biogarden may also be used for aquaculture, or on a single level, earthworms and worm casting teas. Supports the Bioponica process of making DIY liquid fertilizer and eliminate need for hydroponic chemicals and or aquaponic fish.

Grows tomatoes and other heavy feeding plants without chemicals!

Boxcar Farms; Lettuce, wheat grass and microgreens from seed-to-sale…in one location

Sustainable Business

Boxcar Farms are fully outfitted farming kits that ship directly to your site wherever that may be, worldwide.

Depending on the local economy, cost of labor and the cultural appetite of the community, the Boxcar Farm will be custom fit to match those needs.

Bioponica supports the commercial aquaponics farmer with all the resources needed to grow organic produce and a more profitable finished product, more sustainably.

With one container car farmers make use of a commercial kitchen, cafe and retail store to increase farm profits. A container home is designed in a second customizable shipping container. And a third shipping container supports a commercial popsicle making operation, adding considerable revenue, green jobs and making an organic popsicle that can be popular in local schools, hospitals and public gatherings.