Building sustainable farming facilities with organic growing and on site food prep and retail sales to increase profitability with the Boxcar Farm.

Sustainable Business

Boxcar Farms™ are fully outfitted, customized, turnkey commercial hydroponics and aquaponic farming systems. The exact configurations vary, though they all include an array of vertical, soilless, Biogarden™ grow modules. These are used to efficiently farm organic plants, fish, earthworms and worm castings. The options consist of between one and 5 container cars that are placed on the periphery of the grow beds. This plus additional features are available to match the goals of the client.  The containers available from Bioponica include:

  1. Cafe and Juice Bar –  Serving organic salads, soups and organic juices on-site and fresh daily.
  2. Residential Container – Living quarters for site operator
  3. Food Prep Kitchen – Frozen Juice Pops making facility with farm raised wheat grass.
  4. The NPK Brewery – Bioponica’s process for brewing organic liquid fertilizer, teas and farming earthworm castings.
  5. Biofarmacy – A CO2 extraction facility for making nutritional extracts from farmed goods including medical marijuana oils, terpenes, essential oils and other therapeutic plant compounds.

The Bioponica mission is to develop sustainable farming systems and processes that recycle water and waste and make use of natural sunlight for photosynthesis, rainwater and solar heat.

The client benefits with a product that goes from farm to retail and farm to fork in one location. If operated utilizing natural resources and built in features, growers will have a sustainable farm that is sequesters CO2 and local area discards and eliminates the need for municipal water, manufactured chemicals, fertilizers or fish feed. It is sustainable because it assures higher profits, a better product and a healthier community.

The Boxcar Farm™ growing system and outfitted containers are customized to clients specifications and may be shipped worldwide.

The Biogarden is a rugged, versatile and vertical soilless grow system. Optimal space utilization is a must for commercial aquaponics growing.

Aquaponics Systems

The Biogarden functions as a diy hydroponics and diy aquaponic grow systems. It is a modular commercial hydroponics system that does not require fish but it accommodates fish for those who wish to raise tilapia, goldfish, crawfish and shrimp. We designed it for both hydroponics and aquaponics growing but also for our method of bioponics.

The Biogarden supports all hydroponic techniques including deep water culture, flood and drain, NFT nutrient film technique, or ebb n flow.

With options for growing vertically and double the width growers can make optimal use of space. Because it is made from carbon black food safe HDPE and galvanized metal frames, the The Biogarden is virtually indestructable and so can be used for outdoor as well as indoor hydroponics and aquaponics farming.

Our approach is more of an organic hydroponics approach and we include fish, but don’t require fish for nutrients. By using a naturally derived diy fertilizer from green discards, growers can raise even the most heavy feeding plants such as tomatoes and medical marijuana.

Making NPK fertilizer an organic liquid fertilizer plus worm castings tea and compost tea by recycling green discards with the NPK Nutricycler.

DIY hydroponics fertilizer DIY

Bioponica provides the hydroponics and aquaponics systems and teaches growers how to make organic liquid fertilizers from green renewable resources. No more spending ridiculous amounts money for manufactured fertilizers with organic hydroponic farming. The same holds for raising herbivore fish such as tilapia, crawfish, carp and shrimp. No need to purchase Purina fish feed when these fish eat grass! Decomposed grass and duckweed are sufficient to feed fish organically.

The NPK Nutricycler™ will recycle all sorts of biomass to create a low carbon high nitrogen diy fertilizer for hydroponics, aquaponics and in-ground growing.  Use grasses, weeds, wood ashes, spent grains and even coffee grounds to fertilize your garden.

A typical hydroponic fertilizer blend has a PPM of 150 nitrogen, 50 phosphorus and 250 of potassium. When using the NPK Nutricycler™ you can create 40 gallons of PPM 211/65/504 from 25 lbs of freshly cut yard trimmings. HERE’S HOW!