Bioponica is a research and development company that has innovated the Biogarden, Nutricycler, Biofarm and Biofarmacy.

This image shows a small 2 level Biogarden growing organic lettuce using deep water culture technique.

We refer to our organic hydroponics method as ‘bioponics.’

organic hydroponics lettuce

The Biofarm improves farming efficiency and profitability by reducing labor and overhead of organic farming by closing the loop on sustainability.

We believe that the most sustainable farming opportunity may be achieved by combining efficient organic soilless growing modules with on-site fertilizer making equipment, food preparation and direct to consumer sales. This is a true farm-to-fork design concept.

The future of agriculture is most promising if the obstacles to gardening are eliminated or dramatically reduced. That can be achieved, for in-ground growing, by lowering the labor associated with moving dirt, amending soil and composting.

When considering other water efficient, nutrient optimized, methods of soilless growing, the next generation of farming will eliminate the dependency on chemicals and manufactured fertilizers. And it will improve the environment rather than harm it.

Bioponica has achieved these goals by developing the Biogarden, Nutricycler, the Biofarm and the Biofarmacy. These product were born out of our efforts in pioneering the process of “bioponics.” A more sustainable alternative to in-ground farming, soil-less farming, bioponics makes farming easy. And that’s good for the future of agriculture.

The Biofarm is a true farm-to-fork growing operation with the following features:

Nutricycler Systems

The Nutricycler™ is a vortex aerated biofiltration system that extracts nutrients from organic biomass.

npk fertilizer making
making liquid fertilizer
Organic Liquid Fertilizer
making liquid fertilizer

From home-sized 55 gallon units to commercial 1000 gallon systems, the Nutricycler modules and NPK Brewery facility are provide a steady supply of concentrated liquid fertilizer that feeds plant and microbes with the perfect balance of nutrients. Sustainable farming is more attainable with this low labor low cost fertilization process that eliminates the effort of composting and the need for purchasing manufactured fertilizers.

The Biogarden

The Biogarden® is a modular, commercial-sized, soil-less growing system for raising plants and fish.

organic hydroponics
organic hydroponics
aquaponics system

The Biogarden provides sustainable farming by offering a more durable solution for hydroponics, aquaponics and bioponics growers. The rugged, weather resistant, modifiable, transportable agriculture grow unit is adaptable to indoor and outdoor farm settings. When growing long cycle deep rooted plants, aggregate is used in the beds. With lettuces, basil, microgreens and wheatgrass grwoing is supported by deep water raft culture within the Biogarden. These waist height, and vertically stacked grow beds reduce labor and support growing organic produce as well as medical marijuana.

Primordial Soup

Primordial Soup are nutrients blends for making organic liquid fertilizer.

diy hydroponics fertilizer
organic fertilizer blend
organic flower fertilizer

On-site fertilizer from biomass sources reduces carbon footprint and improves plant nutrition by feeding microbes an organic diet. When growing with Biogarden using aggregate or air layer technique, there is no need for chemical fertilizers. Nor is there ever need to discard water or aggregate beds. Dry Primordial Soup blends are derived from alfalfa, peas, coffee grounds, wood ash, porcine bone meal, spent brewers grains and etc.

The Biofarmacy

The Biofarmacy™ is a shipping container facility outfitted to house state of the art CO2 extraction machinery for super critical processing of cannabis.

CO2 extraction equipment
cannabis processing
Making Organic Fertilizer
cbd popsicles

Eliminate the hassle of retrofitting and permitting and existing building and let our engineers and designers, customize, build and deliver your ready-to-run processing facility to any location, worldwide.

What is bioponics?

As pioneers of bioponics, we believe that 3 key features define bioponics. Tow of the three conditions distinguish it from hydroponics and aquaponics:

  • It is soilless, utilizing one or more of the following techniques media beds, NFT, deep water culture with or without air layer technique,
  • Always 100% organic, No chemical fertilizers. No manufactured fish feeds containing grains and or fish meal.
  • Fish are optional. Herbivore fish such as tilapia and craw fish  do particularly well in bioponic systems, though they are treated more like pond fish, deriving nutrients from biomass teas and aquatic plants such as algae and duckweed.  Raising fish is an option but dependency on fish waste is a aquaponics method, not bioponics. Instead, the use of fertilizer teas or otherwise forms of organic nutrients.

Bioponics is a sustainable farming alternative to aquaponics, hydroponics and in-ground growing.