Bioponica features the Boxcar Farm, BioFarmacy and the Biogarden for vegetable growers and extract processors.

Boxcar Farms; Lettuce and microgreens from seed-to-service…in one location

Boxcar Farms are fully outfitted farming kits that ship directly to your site wherever that may be, worldwide.

Depending on the local economy, cost of labor and the cultural appetite of the community, the Boxcar Farm will be custom fit to match those needs.

Bioponica supports the commercial aquaponics farmer with all the resources needed to grow organic produce and a more profitable finished product, more sustainably.

The Biogarden; The Swiss Army Knife of commercial aquaponics

Biogarden Soilless Growing System

The Biogarden functions as hydroponics, aquaponics and bioponics growing system and supports all techniques preferred by growers. Deep water culture, flood and drain, NFT nutrient film technique and ALT Air Layer Technique are all supported. Or use the vertical Biogarden purely for aquaculture. When taking a bioponic approach, growers can easily creaste DIY fertilizer and eliminate need for fish entirely.

Biofarmacy; a medical marijuana processing facility, on wheels.

biofarmacy marijuana processing facility

The Biofarmacy is a marijuana processing facility that is custom built to the clients specifications. Using Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment and preparing edible medicinals requires special attention to permits and regulations, state by state, county by county. The biggest challenge for marijuana processing companies is retrofitting an existing buildings to meet code. By working with a company that specializes in container car build outs and regulations for extraction facilities, Bioponica will minimize risk. Bioponica’s engineers and designers will customize your facility in one or two 40′ shipping containers and get you up and operational quickly at a fraction of the cost.