Bioponica pioneers Bioponics – The most sustainable method ever developed for commercial aquaponics.

Aquaponics without the fish. Hydroponics without the chemicals.

Biogarden™ is a multi-use, soilless, grow system designed to give commercial aquaponics growers a chance to do so more efficiently than with conventional aquaponics and hydroponics.

With our unique process, all organic nutrients are derived on-site from green waste discards. It is fish friendly, but fish are not required.

The Biogarden has many features including the unique rugged materials, trough beds and tubular tanks. With our process of extracting nutrients with the Bucket Fertilizer Kits growers can support hundreds of square feet of growing area without purchasing manufactured fertilizers.

Less overhead. Greater yield. Minimal labor. No waste. 100% Organic.

  • Less overhead – Eliminates need for manufactured fertilizers
  • Greater Yield – Vertical growing maximizes per square foot output
  • Less energy –  Pump lift and vertical flow direction and Air Layer Technique reduces power needs
  • Less Labor – Intensive planting, no dirt, easy harvest, storage and packaging methods
  • No Waste –  All discards are recycled. In fact waste is consumed.
  • 100% Organic – Certifiably organic as of day one of farm setup.