Wow, was it ever a cold, wet and blustery winter in Yancalla, OR!

But with the help of an awesome crew from Roseburg, we were able to complete the Biogarden greenhouse – with automated controls for nutrients, water and grow table irrigation. Starting with a scheduled ten day initiation, support and training workshop, our client will be producing in no time!

Once the greenhouse ends were rebuilt to accommodate a more robust HVAC system, we were able to replace the roof canopy and setup control panel.

With evaporative cooling, and solid set of fans the controlled atmosphere environment will be comfortable year round. Combined with optimal hydration and nutrient dosing soilless grow bed and water systems, the conditions will be right for a bountiful year of produce and other plants!

Meanwhile at our Bioponica headquarters, we’ve made an recent advancement in our Biogarden design – we converted it into a multi-purpose fertilizer making unit. The technology is something we developed using conical tanks, but with some simple table adjustments, we’ve found a better method. Therefore we will be retrofitting one of the plant Biogarden systems into a Biogarden Brewery for this project and helping our client to quickly produce copious amounts of organic liquid fertilizer.

A sustainable farm does best when it is efficient, diversified and good for the community.

This two level 20′ Biogarden will produce 500-1000 gallons of concentrated organic liquid fertilizer, every month!

organic hydroponic systems

Change in directions with liquid fertilizer production, for the better!

To economize on cost and make it possible for our client to utilize a more manageable and efficient fertilizer making design, we will be utilizing a two level, 20′ Biogarden inside the greenhouse. This eliminates the shipping container, for now and puts everything inside the greenhouse where there will be fewer steps and less labor with waist level horizontal processing beds.

Our client will be able to produce between 500-1000 gallons per month of a high NPK organic liquid fertilizer using the Biogarden Brewery. At 2000 ppm of nitrogen, this will be diluted at 1-15 to grow most of our plants.  Not bad when you consider that negligible cost and effort to make 3000 gallons of ready to grow soilles solution in 2-4 weeks. This is a Bioponica process and design that closes the loop on sustainable farming by reducing our carbon footprint and making the food and local environment more nutritious and healthy.